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Pennsylvania Lawyer for Your Oil and Gas Needs

Dorothy J. Petrancosta handles oil and gas leases, including transactions involving mineral rights and leases for oil and gas production. With over 20 years of experience dealing with landmen and oil companies, she can provide you with effective, skillful representation in transactional and litigation matters.

Experienced representation in mineral rights transactions and disputes

Landowners considering a deal for oil or gas exploration and extraction on their property need detailed advice from a knowledgeable professional. While the prospect of an enduring income stream is attractive, leases for oil and gas extraction are typically very long, too long to live unhappily with even a minor oversight. So it is crucial to have all the details worked out ahead of time. Dorothy J. Petrancosta understands the industry; she can anticipate the downside of any agreement and shield her clients from negative impacts while maximizing opportunities for profit. Dorothy J. Petrancosta has experience in all aspects of oil and gas leasing, including:

  • Oil and gas leases and disputes
  • Litigation
  • Oil and gas unitization and pooling
  • Surface damage and pollution claims
  • Land reclamation
  • Delayed damage to the surface
  • Damage to aquifers

Oil and Gas attorney helping property owners in Pennsylvania

Call Dorothy J. Petrancosta at 724-285-4747 or contact her online to schedule an appointment with a commercial real estate lawyer.

April 24, 2013 Decision makes it final: Shale Gas not reserved just by reserving  “minerals”
The Pennsylvania Supreme  Court issued the decision that confirms that a deed reservation of “minerals” does not reserve the shale gas.  The decision confirms that,  to reserve the shale gas, the deed must reserve “gas”.  The decision adds predictability to the shale leasing industry for land owners and
leasing companies alike.

Dorothy J. Petrancosta is conveniently located in Pennsylvania and serves clients in Butler County, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Venango County, Mercer County, Crawford County, Lawrence County and Erie County.